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Plant City ELks Lodge


Thanks to our friends at the Plant City Elks Lodge who will be hosting a local soccer shooting competition for the Plant City community. It is a FREE competition, open to all kids up to the age of 13 (age as of August 1, 2016). Local winners will move to regional competition. Depending upon the regional results, the opportunity is there to progress to state and national level competition. Please spread the message and invite all your friends and family to this wonderful community-building event. Competition rules can be found at the links below:

Elks Grid Goal Rules Page 1   |   Elks Grid Goal Rules Page 2
Elks Five Goal Rules Page 1   |   Elks Five Goal Rules Page 2

2009 Boys (Vasquez)   |    2008 Girls (Kremper)   |    2008 Boys (Alvarado)   |    2007 Girls (Hornsby)
2007 Boys (Vargas)   |    2007 Boys (Warner)   |    2006 Girls (Salgado)   |    2005 Girls (Jones)
2005 Boys (Vela)   |    2005 Boys (Quiroz)   |    2004 Boys (Guerra, GCF)   |    2004 Boys (Guerra, USA)
2003 Girls (Calderon)   |    2002 Boys (Kennedy)   |    2002 Boys (Contreras)   |    2002 Boys (Reiss)
2002 Girls (Amell)   |    2001 Girls (Castagno)   |    2001 Boys (Martinez, USA)   |    2001 Boys (Martinez, FSPL)
1999 Boys (Leon)   |    1998 Boys (Pina, GCF)   |    1998 Boys (Pina, USA)

Adult league action begins Saturday, August 6. Contact La Liga Latina League Director Jorge Martinez at (863) 581-4581 for details.
La Liga Latina 2016 Schedule

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